"There are 7 billion people on this planet. 8 million of them in Austria. Who, do you think, I am making my movies for"?

Peter Koller - producer/director

The mission: Europa, Jupiter. Sooner or later. Until then: Movies.

Born 1974, Peter wanted to become an astronaut, but at the age of eight a movie forced him to become a filmmaker instead: STAR WARS. Carefree about his set future, school (computer science) was a breeze. Along the way he discovered the darker corners of film an literature: H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and James Cameron were closer to him than any bits and bytes. Until his parents received a worried letter from his school in which his sanity was questioned. Later it was the airline at which he had his first job to whom he had to explain that his blooming imagination posed no risk for flight safety – one of his horror screenplays was found in a copy machine at the airport.

At university he devoured some semesters of physics and astronomy to graduate later in real estate management (project thesis “Infrastructure of future spaceports”) and private banking (diploma thesis “Low budget film financing in Austria”). During his studies he shot the short films ARAFAT VS SHARON and SKRYPT and wrote the screenplay of his debut feature ON EVIL GROUNDS, a co-production of his newly founded KOP11 and the Viennese Novotnyfilm, supported by the state of Lower Austria.

2007, after some wins (best director, best film) and 20 film festivals, ON EVIL GROUNDS - - showcasing his trademark style and vision -- had left a lasting impression with horror fans and festivals around the globe that Hollywood was quick to recognize his full potential and he ended up signing with Zero Gravity Management in Los Angeles.

In 2009 Peter switched management and was among the talents who rounded up the initial client roster of then newly launched management company Shoreline Entertainment Management. After its closure in 2013, Peter followed his longtime manager, Björn Puckler, and has since been with Puckler Media & Consult, an international consulting and management company.

2010 he was invited to FOCAL Production Value (Budgeting Workshop, Oslo, Norway) and Siggraph Conference (Los Angeles, USA) to showcase the 3D-previsualisation of his fantastic action-romance UNTITLED LOVESTORY (written by him), which development was funded and supported by the Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI), Vienna Filmfund and the state of Lower Austria.

2012, funded by the Austrian Film Institute, he (with his screenplay WE ARE CHINESE) was the only Austrian filmmaker  invited to take part in the EKRAN master class at  Wajda Filmschool (Warsaw, Poland; tutored by director legends Alexander Sokurov, Wojciech Marczewski). He also attended Digital Strategies (financing, marketing & distribution seminar, Erich Pommer Institute) and himself held lectures about filmmaking/screenwriting/previs (ITSEM Universidad Mexico, University of St. Pölten, Austria).

Since 2014 Peter has frequently been collaborating with ENDEMOL BEYOND GERMANY (among others the Hyundai Youtube campaigns) and since 2015 he has been developing 2 genre tv-series for LUCKY BIRD PICTURES (Germany).

When Peter isn’t shooting or writing, he devours books about physics and artificial intelligence or plunges himself into the weightlessness of the underwater world to satisfy the astronaut boy until he can finally go to space.

Peter lives near Vienna. He has several projects in varying stages of development, most currently the political scifi series RIO TEN, the scifi drama WE ARE CHINESE and the horror feature VOYNICH.

Selected festivals of ON EVIL GROUNDS: Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre (winner best director and best film), AFFF Amsterdam Fantastic Film Fest (nominated for Silver Melies for best film), Fright Nights Carinthia (winner best film), Fantasia (Montreal, Canada), BIFFF (Brussels, Belgium), Morbido Filmfest (Mexico City), Max Ophüls Festival (Germany), Ravenna Nightmare (Italy). Diagonale (Austria).